Geothermal Solutions

Okay, we’re going to get a little science-y on you here in terms of Geothermal Solutions.  But Geothermal works because the earth itself has a constant temperature whether it’s hot or cold at the surface.  You can extract heat from underground in the winter, and use that same system to cool your home in the summer.  It’s green technology and it works especially well in rural areas. Below 6 metres (20 ft) the undisturbed ground temperature is consistently at the Mean Annual Air Temperature and it may be extracted with a heat pump for heating and cooling purposes.

Water to Air (Forced Air Heating and Cooling)tranquility-30-digital-te-194x300

With the ability to utilize properly sized and distributed duct work currently in place a Forced Air System can be a more cost efficient way to convert to a geothermal solution. Drawing from ground source heat, a water-to-air heat pump will distribute warmed air through a series of ducts in your home or building.

The Climate Master Tranquility® 30 Digital (TE) Split Series with vFlow® variable water flow technology provides you the highest energy efficiency of any heating and cooling system available. Efficiency equals savings, which means you will see substantially lower utility costs compared to even the most efficient traditional systems.

The Climate Master Tranquility® Digital Series advanced design includes two-stageoperation, variable-speed fan, vFlow® variable waterflow and iGate® communicating controls. This provides higher effi ciency, quiet operation and automatically adapts to provide the optimum comfort and reliability no matter what the weather is outside. The variable-speed blower motor helps even out hot or cold spots in your home and eliminates the air blasts you feel with traditional systems. The Tranquility® Digital Split assures you of blissful comfort, maximum effi ciency and low utility bills.

  • vFlow® varies the water flow through the unit to enhance reliability and reduce the cost to run water pumps by 60–80% compared to traditional single-speed external pumps.
  • iGate® uses the power of 2-way communication to monitor, control and diagnose your system. The result is maximum efficiency, superb comfort and improved reliability.

Year Round Comfort is a Breeze

Like a furnace or central air conditioner, Geo-Thermal systems rely on a forced air system. This may involve the installation of ductwork throughout your home. While adding ductwork can be a big job, it is the most cost-effective way to ensure a comfortable experience in every room in your home.

Your Geo-Thermal heat pump uses the ductwork and blower to send warm air in winter and cool air in the summer. By investing in a comprehensive forced-air system, you get even temperature control in every room, using one source.

Triple Function – Forced Air Heating & Cooling and Radiant Floor Heating

The Nordic Triple Function Series features air heating and air conditioning controlled by an air thermostat, and hydronic heating controlled by an aquastat. User can set the priority to be air or water heating.screenshot-2016-12-01-18-28-35

  • Geothermal forced air heating and cooling
  • Radiant in-floor heating
  • Field selectable air or water priority
  • Desuperheater for domestic hot water
  • Available in sizes 2 to 6 nominal tons for whole home applications
  • Open or closed loop


Warm Water System for Radiant Floor Heating

Utilized with radiant and in-floor heating, a Warm Water System is both economical and efficient. Talk to the experts at Cook’s about new build and retrofit options and considerations for the warm water heat pump.

Warm toes – even in Wintertmw

Cook’s specializes in the installation of in-floor radiant heating, using a warm-water heat pump. Combined with an efficient geothermal heat-exchange system, the warm-water heat pump provides a comfortable experience, even on tile floors in the bathroom or basement.

The ClimateMaster Tranquility® Liquid-To-Water System (TMW), shown to the right, is ideal for hydronic radiant floor heating and domestic hot water generation in both new construction and retrofit applications. This includes space heating, pool heating, radiant floor heating, snow/ice melt, and potable hot water generation.

Your geothermal loop is custom designed to fit your exact needs and available space.




While every home is different, and presents different challenges, Cook’s opens up new possibilities in every room in your home. By eliminating cold spots with a heated floor, you’ll get the most out of your basement or addition. Ask how a warm-water in-floor heating system will make your family happy and comfortable, even on the coldest nights.

Forced Air and Warm Water Systems are two options for utilizing this consistent ground temperature in your home, office or cottage.