Hi-Velocity System

Hi-Velocity Heating and Cooling is the latest technology in whole home comfort.  Perfect for older homes built without traditional ductwork, Hi-Velocity uses small mini-ducts hidden inside existing walls and floors.  You can now enjoy forced-air comfort without the hassle and expense of adding bulky ducts and floor registers throughout your home.

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The Hi-Velocity System is an energy efficient high-pressure air delivery system that provides heating, cooling, filtration, ventilation, humidification and dehumidification to your home.  The system works by creating pressure in the small supply ducts and converting it to velocity at the outlets.

Hi-Velocity systems are easily installed in any home.  Their small structure substantially reduces the amount of space required for heating and cooling throughout your home.  Air handlers and coils can be installed into attics, ceilings and crawlspaces so there is little to no remodelling required.  Small subtle outlets can be installed in floors, walls or ceilings and blend seamlessly into your home’s design. Choose from a variety of attractive finishes, including wood, metal or plastic.  You’ll enjoy the benefits of a whole home comfort system, while maintaining the aesthetics of your home.

Traditional heating and cooling systems do not emit air evenly into a room, which results in drafts and uneven temperatures.  Hi-Velocity systems use aspiration, an air principal that draws air in and upwards, to create an even, draft free room.

This eliminates dust build-up and encourages continuous air circulation, creating even temperatures from floor to ceiling.   Perfect for multi-level homes, they provide individual control on each story.

By avoiding a single-point temperature control the heating and cooling can be prioritized for maximum comfort and energy savings. The system uses individual thermostats to control each designated space. Adjustments for optimal heating and cooling are automatically taken care of by these individual space controls. With a constant flow of air circulation, temperatures are more uniform and air filtration is more effective.  By increasing the pressure and flow throughout the system, dust build-up is eliminated inside the mini-ducts.

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