The Best Utility Company… is You, Off Grid Living!

Talk to the experts at Cook’s about off grid living.

Staying Warm

Wood Stoves

As dependable as they’ve been for hundreds of years, modern wood stoves are much more efficient–providing more heat value for every stick of wood. No need for any form of electricity, your wood stove uses heat and physics to dispose of exhaust gases.

Valor Gas Stoves & Fireplaces

While older gas stoves and fireplaces required electric fans to operate properly, Cook’s can offer you new designs that produce plenty of heat with no power required to operate. Ask about natural gas and propane models for dependable safe heating.

Radiant Floor Heating

For those rooms that never seem to be warm enough, radiant floor heating provides dramatic results from the ground up. A combination of hot water installation and heating technology, radiant floor systems are perfect for basements, bathrooms, and any room where family members complain about cold feet.

Staying Cool

Solar Panel Driven Ductless Cooling

No hydro? No problem! Cook’s can create a system that converts heat-producing sunlight into electricity to cool your home. In the perfect example of temperature Jiujitsu, your solar-powered AC system is most effective when the sun is hottest. Combined with low-power ventilation systems, your solar air conditioner keeps your home and family comfortable without being connected to the grid.

Safe Clean Water

Kinetico Water Softeners

While most water softeners require electricity to operate, Kinetico systems use only your water system’s own pressure and gravity. This means there are fewer parts to fail and fewer possible ways you can be left without an effective water treatment solution. You don’t have to sacrifice clean, soft water in your off-the-grid plan.

Hot Water Options

Direct Vent Hot Water Tanks

Requiring no power to operate these modern direct-vent water tanks, they provide your family with enough hot water for household use as well as radiant-floor heating. Highly efficient, direct-vent water tanks keep most of the heat inside the system meaning you consume less fuel for every gallon of hot water.

Solar Thermal Hot Water

Free hot water from the sun can be harnessed to supplement your gas-fired hot water system, or as a stand-alone hot water solution. Ask the experts at Cook’s about the best way to gather, store and use hot water in your off-the-grid home.

Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Don’t be caught with a wet basement. Cook’s offers sump pump options that work even when the power goes out. Rest assured, even when you’re away, that your home is safe from rising water.

Off the Grid Cooking

Margin Cookstoves

Reliable wood heat is a time honoured cooking method, especially when you have attractive and efficient options, like Margin Cookstoves. Available with or without a flame-view option, Margin stoves are designed to effectively heat your home when they’re not helping you cook.