Geothermal Solutions

Okay, we’re going to get a little science-y on you here in terms of Geothermal Solutions.  But Geothermal works because the earth itself has a constant temperature whether it’s hot or cold at the surface.  You can extract heat from underground in the winter, and use that same system to cool your home in the summer.  It’s green technology and it works especially well in rural areas. Below 6 metres (20 ft) the undisturbed ground temperature is consistently at the Mean Annual Air Temperature and it may be extracted with a heat pump for heating and cooling purposes.

Premium Q – Quad Function Geothermal System

The premium Q is the industry leader for energy efficiency, comfort and reliability.  Hidden behind its sleek blue and stainless steel exterior, the Premium Q is a compact, all-in-one quad function geothermal

system that provides forced air heating and cooling, hydronic heat (in-floor water and radiant applications) and domestic hot water production all in one convenient package.  Water heat is widely consider to be the most efficient and comfortable way to heat your home, while forced air is typically the most cost-effective.

Our leading edge system uses environmentally friendly refrigerant, dual capacity ultra tech scroll compression and the unmatched energy efficiency of geothermal technology.

The Premium Q can provide energy savings up to 75% compared with ordinary furnaces and air conditioners.  Coupled with GeoSmart Energy’s intelligent thermostats and an integrated monitoring system, it will provide the finest in home comfort and reliability.

Premium V – Variable Capacity Geothermal System

The Premium V is one of the most advanced and energy efficient heating and cooling systems in the world.  The Premium V features a variable compressor that can run at as little as 20% of normal operation for maximum comfort, and efficiency.  The intelligent system then scales its output based on current weather conditions and your comfort requirements to ensure you have the right amount of heating or cooling when you need it.

Premium V uses R-410A refrigerant, robust next generation communicating controls and the unmatched energy efficiency of geothermal.  Say goodbye to hot and cold spots.  Our high efficiency systems provide quiet, consistent and comfortable heating and cooling throughout every room in your home and offer superior humidity control.  Using an optional zone control system, you can even regulate temperatures in different areas in your home.


  1. Exceptional Comfort
  2. Energy Efficient
  3. Cost Effective
  4. Safe, Clean and Eco Friendly
  5. Reliable

Premium G – Premium Forced Air Comfort System

The system uses environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant, robust microprocessor controls.  For every unit of electricity used by the Premium G to operate the heat pump, it generates four units of “free” energy from the earth.

The Premium G is neatly installed in the basement of your home, eliminating the need for unsightly and noisy outdoor air conditioning units.  It is the environmental equivalent of planting 750 trees or removing two cars from the road.  Unlike conventional furnace and air conditioning systems, it doesn’t require combustion to generate heat.  Therefore it doesn’t release harmful greenhouse gases or expose your family to risks for carbon monoxide poisoning.  It also cleans the air in your home using a high efficiency electrostatic air cleaner that filters out irritants like dust and pollen.

Premium H – Premium Hydronic (Water) System

The Premium H features sophisticated state-of-the-art components that make it the preferred choice for high performance home and hot water heating.  When combined with a GeoSmart geothermal system for conditioning air inside the home, the complete system provides the ultimate in savings, comfort and safe, reliable, quiet performance.

Radiant Floor Heating – It’s the ideal system for radiant floor heating circulating warm w

ater through tubing encased in the floor.  It keeps floors covered in tile, wood, linoleum or stone consistently warm, even on the coldest days.

Domestic Hot Water – The Premium H is exceptionally efficient for meeting heavy demands for domestic hot water.

Pool / Spa Heating – Heat your pool or spa for significantly less money than ordinary pool heaters and without the harmful emissions generated by fossil fuel burning water heaters and boilers.

Snow & Ice Melt – Keep your sidewalk or driveway free of ice and snow during the winter and eliminate back-breaking snow shovelling using the efficiency of the Premium H to melt snow and ice.

Eco Y – Forced Air Comfort System

Efficient, Cost-Effective, Environmentally Friendly.  The Eco Y provides homeowners with energy savings and years of outstanding comfort and reliability.  Eco Y units offer several options for any application whether it’s new construction or retrofit.

By utilizing environmentally safe, non-ozone-depleting R410A refrigerant, the Eco Y sets the industry standard in its class for performance, efficiency and quality.

Eco Y Features:

  • Multi Speed Blower Motor
  • Heavy Gauge Cabinet
  • All- Aluminum Air Coil
  • Insulated Coaxial Heat Exchanger
  • Drain Pan
  • Hot Water Assist
  • Two-Stage Compressor
  • LED Status Lights
  • Microprocessor Continuously Sequences All Components To Ensure Maximum Performance