Wood Fireplace Inserts

A wood fireplace inserts upgrade the appearance and functionality of your wood insert, allowing you to use it as a reliable, alternative heating source. So what’s a fireplace insert? In a word, it’s a Enviro - Wood Burning Fireplace Insertsstove inserted into an open fireplace. Wood burning inserts are almost exclusively installed into masonry fireplaces. The many advantages of choosing a wood burning fireplace make it an excellent investment.
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Wood Fireplace Inserts Gallery

Exclusive Performance Features of all Enviro Wood Inserts

• large firebox capacity for long overnight burns

• single, easy-to-use air control adjusts the heat output and regulates the fire

• twin pilot injection ports tuned to deliver fast start-up. These injection ports are 3” above the firebox floor so you can build a good deep ember bed and not affect low burn or start up.

• ultra strong air wash helps to keep the glass clean

• high efficiency 150 cfm variable speed fan with override switch