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Ground Source Geothermal Heat Pump

With the ability to utilize properly sized and distributed duct work currently in place a Forced Air System can be a more cost efficient way to convert to a geothermal solution. Drawing from ground source heat, a water-to-air heat pump will distribute warmed air through a series of ducts in your home or building.

Year Round Comfort is a Breeze

Like a furnace or central air conditioner, Geo-Thermal systems rely on a forced air system. This may involve the installation of ductwork throughout your home. While adding ductwork can be a big job, it is the most cost-effective way to ensure a comfortable experience in every room in your home.

Your Geo-Thermal heat pump uses the ductwork and blower to send warm air in winter and cool air in the summer. By investing in a comprehensive forced-air system, you get even temperature control in every room, using one source.

Eco-friendly Geothermal Heating & Cooling

Forced Air

• 5 speed ECM fan motor.
• 2-stage scroll compressor with double isolation for quiet operation.
• 2 year parts warranty.
• 5 year refrigeration warranty.

Premium Force Air

• Variable speed ECM fan motor.
• 2-stage scroll compressor with double isolation for quiet operation.
• Optional soft start kit.
• Quietest 2-stage in the industry.
• 5 year parts warranty.
• 10 year compressor warranty.

Variable Capacity

• Variable speed ECM fan motor.
• Variable capacity compressor with double isolation and discharge muffler for quiet operation.
• Electronic expansion valve for accurate control and higher efficiency.
• Performance monitoring of air, water and flow rates.
• Soft start kid standard.
• Lowest operating noise.
• Lowest operating cost.
• 10 year parts and compressor warranty.

Hydronic Warm Water

HS Premium Hydronic System

• Superior radiant Floor heating
(Also: pool/spa hot water and snow & ice melting).
• Hi-mass only (max 110º).
• Simplest of all Geosmart systems.
• Extremely quiet operation.
• Hi COP efficiencies.
• Optional domestic hot water.
• 400% efficiency rating compared with the 90% rating of most efficient gas boilers or water heaters.
• No harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Requires Hot Water Storage Tank

Geosmart Energy’s Premium H Hydronic System is the one of the most cost-effective, energy efficient and environmentally friendly way to bring you worry-free, year-round indoor comfort. Using advanced geothermal technology, it taps into the earth’s natural heating and cooling properties through an underground loop system to consistently and evenly heat or cool your home every season of the year.

Radiant Floor Heating
The ideal system for radiant floor heating.
Pool/Spa Heating
Heat for ignificantly less money than ordinary pool heaters.
Snow & Ice Melt
No more shovelling. Save money … and your back!

For every unit of electricity used by the Premium H® to operate the heat pump, it extracts 3 free units of energy from the earth.

Quad Function

Quad Function Geothermal System

• Radiant floor & forced air.
• Reduce annual heating, cooling & hot water cost by as much as 75%.
• Stylish casing
• Up to 12 airflow selections.
• Coated water and air coils.
• Environmentally friendly.
• Variable speed ECM fan motor.
• 2-stage scroll compressor with double isolation for quiet operation.

The Premium Q® is the industry leader for energy efficiency, comfort and reliability. Hidden behind its sleek blue and stainless steel exterior, the Premium Q® is a compact, all-in-one- quad function geothermal system that provides forced air heating and cooling, hydronic heat (in-floor hydronic and radiant applications) and domestic hot water production all in one convenient package. Hydronic heat is widely considered to be the most efficient and comfortable way to heat your home, while forced air is typically the most cost-effective.

Our leading edge system uses environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant, dual capacity ultra-tech scroll compressors and the unmatched energy efficiency of geothermal technology.

Trust us for your total home comfort needs.

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