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A humidifier from Cook’s solves the problem of dry air at the source, adding much needed water vapour to the air throughout your home.

Control Indoor Humidity

Talk to the experts at Cooks about installing a GeneralAire whole house humidifier, it can reduce allergy and asthma symptoms, minimize risk of infection, protect valuables (such as furniture, woodwork and musical instruments) and save you money.

Model 81

• 16 GPDD
• Low cost
• Replacement drum
• No waste water


• 17 GPD
• More robust
• Replacement Pad
• Manual or digital humidistat
• Available with automatic digital control humidifier
• Water saver control optional
• 5 yr warranty

1137 Fan Assist

• 18 GPD
• Best model for 2 stage heating systems
• Manual humidistat
• Optional digital humidistat control & out door sensor
• Digital humidistat control with outdoor sensor (automatic regulation of humidity based on outdoor temperature)
• 5 yr warranty

Advanced Electrode

• 11 or 22 GPD
• Remote or duct mounted
• Compact size (17x10x7)
• Pre-mineralized cylinder allows for faster startup
• Efficient, on-demand humidification
• Quiet operation
• Easy install and maintenance
• Seamless integration with Honeywell whole-home comfort portfolios
• 5 yr warranty

GeneralAire® Whole House Humidifier can Improve comfort indoors and maintain a healthy environment. Research has shown that 40% to 60% relativ

e humidity is ideal for today`s homes. Humidity can save money too. For example, 68 F at 40% relative humidity feels just as warm as 74 F at 20% relative humidity. Setting your thermostat back by as little as three degrees can reduce annual heating bills by as much as 5%. Quality, Style, and Commitment goes into every box so you can relax.

The installation and repair experts at Cook’s know which makes, models and series perform the best over the long haul.  If you’re looking for a trouble-free experience with the latest upgrades and features, we’ve got what you need, ready to install in your home.

Trust us for your total home comfort needs.

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