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New Homes & Renovations

Get the experts at Cook’s on your team from the beginning for the best result.  YRenos-Buttonou’ll save time and expense by having us quote your plumbing work as a package when you’re planning your new home.

Let our experience guide you to a perfect redesign / renovation at your home or business.  We’ve seen good, better and outstanding renovations over the years.  So we’re able to help you avoid any pitfalls when making renovations to your bathroom or kitchen renovation.

Whether it is a renovation or new build, Cook’s is there to help walk you through the 1 – 2- 3’s. As a major investment to your home we understand there can be stress. Cook’s will take the time to discuss your options and develop a plan to ensure your project comes in on time and budget. We use high quality materials and install with the expertise you have come to rely on. Call or drop in and we would be happy to look at your new construction or renovation blueprints to provide you with a plumbing quote.

Watch the video below to see why contacting a skilled and trustworthy plumbing expert prior to a home purchase or renovation is so important. Call Cook’s and let our experience and knowledge work for you.

Help!  When trouble strikes, the Plumbing Superheroes at Cook’s are ready to spring into action.  Faster than a speeding whiffle-ball, the team at Cook’s will be by your side.  Call anytime.




24 Hour Service

Appliance Troubles

Services-ButtonIf you’re having difficulties with some of your appliances, you probably won’t think of a plumber first. However, some appliances are connected to your plumbing system. Therefore, they need to be looked at by a plumbing expert.

  • Your water heater
  • Ice machines and water softeners
  • Your garbage disposal
  • Your refrigerator
  • Water wells and pumps
  • Humidifiers

All of these devices have to be connected to the plumbing system correctly in order to work properly. A garbage disposal that doesn’t work can certainly cause other problems with your plumbing. Similarly, a clogged up pipe can cause your water heater to stop working.


Water Trouble

Drain Augering and Cameras

You can have other problems besides clogged drains. In fact, it’s not uncommon to have a drain that works slowly. Unfortunately, you might not find that important enough to act on until the drain stops working altogether. But you should know that this is the time to call your plumber in order to avoid bigger problems down the road.

Another common problem is to experience low water pressure. There are a variety of possible causes for this that your plumber will need to check out. But you should also give him a call if you don’t have any hot water.

Cook’s Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning can take the “messy” and “destructive” out of diagnosing your sewer and plumbing issues with drain cameras and augering. By using a drain camera we can directly assess the problem and design a solution. So whether you’re dealing with fractured, collapsed or settled pipes or possibly root infestation, Cook’s can efficiently and accurately locate the problem.

You may know them as snakes but a plumber’s auger is their best friend when dealing with stubborn drain clogs. Your drains will run smoothly again when you Just Call Cook’s since we use only the best tools and equipment in the industry.

Most devices consist of a coiled metal wire with space between the coils at the end. The other end is attached to a device with a crank that rotates the wire as it moves down into the pipe. Drains are cleared by one of several mechanisms:

  • The auger end of the wire digs itself into the clog much like a corkscrew, allowing retrieval of the object causing the clog when the snake is pulled out. (Commonly hair, combs, small toys, cloth.)
  • The end of the snake breaks up the object, allowing it to pass through the drain. (Commonly tree roots, foam insulation, plastic objects.)
  • The snake flails around the inside surface of the pipe, scraping off accumulated matter (ranging from mineral deposits to bacon fat) which was reducing the effective interior diameter of the drain pipe.


Regular Maintenance and Cleaning

Your plumbing system needs regular maintenance just like everything else. If you want to prevent problems, you might want to consider setting up a schedule for regular maintenance and drain cleaning. This is especially useful for a commercial building since plumbing problems are a much greater inconvenience.



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