Pumps and Cisterns

Cisterns involve the collection of water typically via the roof. The idea of a cistern is very similar to using a holding tank, lake or river. Water quality may sometimes be a concern with cisterns but with proper filtering and treatment they make a viable option for many locations. A system of gutters and downspouts directs the rainwater collected by the roof to the storage cistern. The cistern, typically located underground, may be constructed of various materials including cinderblock, reinforced concrete, polyvinyl or precast concrete, fibreglass, or steel. The cistern supplies water to the household through a standard pressurized plumbing system.

Underground cisterns are used when:Pressurized Cistern

  1. Your well does not produce enough water for surge periods. A surge period would be: showering in the morning, then running a load of laundry and also running the dishwasher before leaving for work.
  2. You have a source of water that is intermittent. Perhaps your incoming subdivision water or well water is unreliable; or you have to have water hauled in.
  3. Your incoming water does not give you enough pressure or maybe the pressure fluctuates due to other water users on the system.
  4. You need to treat the water. Water needs to have ‘contact time’ with chlorine or ozone for sterilization. Contact time is also needed for the Iron or hydrogen sulfide to ‘grow’ or oxidize so that filtration can remove it.

CisternMany home and business owners are emphasizing sustainability. A pump and cistern system allows We have decades of experience with every sort of water system that exists in our area, including pumps and cisterns.  Municipal water has its own challenges, while pressure tanks and septic systems present a different set of  issues to contend with.  Whether your water comes from the city, or from a well, lake or pond, Cook’s can get it working right.  It’s what we do.


Pressure Tanks

By applying compressed air, a pressure tank and pump keeps you with a steady supply of water from your well system. If your home is supplied by well water, odds are you have a pressure tank close to it. The pressure tank has two chambers inside of it; one for water and the other contains compressed air. When it comes to water storage needs, Cook’s can help you beat corrosion with polyethylene, fibre glass or metal pressure tanks.

A Recognized Leader in Composite Pressure Tank Design

WELLMATE has become synonymous with innovative solutions for water storage and pressure boosting applications. State-of-the-art winding equipment, the best materials and an ISO-9001 certified manufacturing facility guarantee that their one-piece composite construction is second to none, providing you with truly world-class products. In addition, their latest quick-connect advancements demonstrate an ongoing commitment to making the best tanks in the industry.

Amtrol Pressure Tanks


This year marks the 60th anniversary of Amtrol’s invention of the diaphragm expansion tank. This innovative new product not only controlled system pressure in heating and chilled water systems, it also helped to significantly reduce energy consumption.

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Shore Wells

Dwellings on or around water sources such as lakes and rivers can be p1378506625747rovided a constant supply of fresh water with a properly planned and installed shore well. The construction of a shore well is determined by the structure of the shoreline, equipment accessibility, the volume of water needed and the porosity of the soil around the area of construction. Ideal for lakeside homes and cottages, they also meet high flow needs and can be utilized for irrigation purposes. When properly planned and installed a shore well will allow for slow filtration of the water as it enters catch basin. They allow for year round access of the pump system while it eliminates the hazards of electric cables in the water. When it comes to shore wells, Cook’s has accepted a wide range of challenges and provided creative solutions. Call Cook’s today to discuss your water demands and concerns.


Sump Pumps and Sewage Pumps

Used to extract water from a collection basin, sump pumps and sewage MBSPpumps are generally found in basements where flooding is a concern due to rain or existing ground water. Transfer black-water to waste-water systems or away from low-lying areas by selecting a sump pump, effluent pump or sewage pump. Cook’s understands how proper water management around the home or office adds years of life to your property.

Usually hardwired into a home’s electrical system, sump pumps may have a battery backup. Myers battery back up pumps ensure that if the power goes out, and when youGoulds Pumps need them the most, your pumps keep pumping. Keep your basement and properties dry during  black outs, fits from mother nature and any other uncontrollable power situations. These fully automatic systems include alarms to warn of power loss. Additionally the home’s pressurized water supply can power some pumps, eliminating the need for electricity at the expense of using potable water. This can potentially making them more expensive to operate than electrical pumps and creating an additional water disposal problem.


HydromaticWant a sump pump that can protect your home well? A Hydromatic pump can.

Liberty Pumps

Liberty Pumps is a leading U.S. manufacturer of pumping products for ground water and waste-water removal in residential and commercial applications.



Water Pumps

If you need to move water Cook’s knows how to move it. We use the toughest and most cost-effective water pumping products on the market.

Submersible Pumps

More efficient than a jet pump, submersible pumps with their hermetically sealed motors push fluid to the surface, eliminating many traditional issues found when significant elevation differences exist between the pump and the fluids surface. Used for drainage, sewage and slurry pumping, submersibles have both domestic and industrial applications. Pond filters, water wells and irrigation are traditional submersible pump uses and Cook’s has the experience no matter your needs.

A Grundfos Constant Pressure pump will maintain a steady supply of
water no matter the demand. By speeding up as faucets are opened you can experience city water pressure straight from your well. Grundfos Pumps LogoWhile the pump and motor is within your well the control panel is conveniently located in your home. Call Cook’s and start experiencing the benefits of a constant pressure pump to today.

  • Comfort of city like water pressure
  • Push button selection of desired pressure
  • No more wimpy showers
  • Turbo charged lawn irrigation
  • Multiple built in diagnostics to prevent damage to your pump
  • Uses a miniature space saving and low cost diaphragm tank

Jet Pumps

These low maintenance pumps are great for home, cottage and farm applicatioGouldsns. Consisting of an electric motor, impeller and jet assembly, jet pumps greatly increase suction and discharge pressure over a centrifugal pump. Routinely used for household water supply along with a pre-charge pressure tank.

With shallow, deep and convertible jet pumps to choose from, let the knowledgeable staff at Cook’s help determine your pumping needs.



Water Storage Tanks

Water storage tanks are nothing new. Whether for drinking, livestock, gardening, irrigation or personal hygiene, a reliable source of water is imperative to not onlWater Storage Tanksy comfort but survival. A water storage system can be a simple or complex as needed. For every use one might have for storing water there are designs and solutions.

Cook’s offers the leading edge in water storage and handling products and systems for both above ground and buried applications. All of our tanks are manufactured by means of the rotational molding process, which produces a one-piece, seamless, watertight tank.

We offer tanks constructed with polyethylene to insures they will be unaffected by soil chemicals so tan

Water Storage Tanksks will not rust or corrode.

Fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks offer a superior option for underground storage of potable water, fabricated from food grade resin they insure top water quality. Low profile tanks are ideal for campgrounds, resorts, vacation homes and construction sites and are constructed with the same durable materials and manufacturing techniques you can trust.