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“Cook’s installed our GeoThermal system about 16 years ago. It’s been working great ever since. Just the odd little issue every five or six years, but they fixed it up quick. There’s a lot of iron in our water. So it’s red in colour and not drinkable without major treatment. Cook’s put in a clean water system that gives us great-tasting drinking water throughout our home.”

“Luke comes by every autumn to check our system. I trust them to keep our water clean and sustainable. They’ve done splendid work for us over the years. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.”
Jim and Fran McArthur

“We are always happy to thank and give credit to your staff for their fine work. “Hats Off” to Ted in particular. I was very impressed with his work.”
Fred Schlenker

“You have a great group of guys…we were most impressed with their professionalism.”
Gail and Randy Vanderlaan

“We are so happy with our new boiler and all the fine work done by Cook’s. This winter we saved $500 over last year’s heating bill and the boiler is a major reason why”.
Keith and Stephanie Lefebrvr

“Professional and knowledgeable, what else can you ask for in your plumber.”
Paul Hewitt

“We’ve been dealing with Cook’s since we built the house back in 1988. Cook’s has always been there when I needed them. They were out to the house in the middle of the night a couple of times over the years. We’ve never had a reason to complain when the work was done.”

“I’d definitely recommend them. They’ve always been responsible and reliable. We trust them like family.”
Beverly Morley

“NextEnergy and especially myself would like to express my gratitude in Cook’s and Luke for looking after this customer. Luke has always been the upmost professional and his technical skills as a mechanic and service person are far above the standard. Luke has always been able to solve problems others have given up on. We appreciate this excellence in service Cook’s is able to provide us in very difficult situations. Luke’s skills and professionalism should be the standard in this industry!!!

Thanks Luke, you’re level of knowledge and expertise make Cook’s, NextEnergy and the Geothermal Industry look good.”
Jason Watson

“I would just like to express my appreciation for Luke’s work. On Feb 10, 2014 he installed a new, complex thermostat for us which significantly improves our ability to run and monitor our geothermal heat pump. Although Luke had never installed this kind of thermostat before he was eager to do so and his installation was perfect – the thermostat operated as advertised as soon as we switched on the power. I’ve worked with Luke several times and have always found him pleasant, intelligent, curious and competent in everything that he has done for us. He has an excellent customer appreciation attitude which makes it really great to call and work with him. I have called him several times asking him to call me back after he has finished his day at work and he has always responded quickly and informatively.”
Peter Loring

“Mark and I wanted to thank you for your most recent service of our furnace, and the resulting bill…you have treated us so fairly.”
Kelly and Mark Woodhouse

“Just wanted to thank you and your team for the magnificent work that was done to the house. We are more than happy with your professionalism, workmanship, friendliness, respect, and complete care to do it right, and in a very quick period of time. Thank you again for getting our lives back to normal. Cook’s is definitely made up of superhero’s. We are highly recommending Cook’s to everyone.”
Sarah Pritchard

“In my experience you never mess up. I hope everyone appreciates how well you do what you do…Darren and Trevor were terrific to work with. Profession, neat, on time and personable. You have a great crew…I’m glad we chose Cook’s. As usual!”
M Flood

“This letter is to express our complete satisfaction with the speed and efficiency with which Cook’s solved the “no water” problem at our rural home. We would not hesitate to “call Cook’s” with any plumbing problems in the future and we would certainly recommend them to anyone in need of their services.”
T & R Olver